Digital Signage System

Digital Signage Management Cloud Server

Digital Signage Management software can be installed on the cloud server to control multiple Digital Signage Players.

Digital Signage Management Server

It can also be installed on any Desktop PC, server grade PC or industry grade mini PC to control multiple Digital Signage Players.

Digital Signage Player

Digital Signage Player can be installed on any Android devices with a display port connected to your TV or display panel.


Build your own digital signage system

Select your preferred hardware (e.g. PC, Android box) to build your own system. We also provide our devices. This is your choices.


Build your own digital signage business

The digital signage management system allows you to create your own customer accounts. Each account controls its own set of digital signage players.

Wide Variety of Digital Signage

All-in one solutions

Embedded our system inside the display panels and the touch screen kiosks.

Digital Signage Display Panels

Screen size range from 10.1″ to 84″
Indoor and outdoor models available

Digital Signage Kiosks

Touchable screen kiosks
Screen size range from 10.1″ to 84″

Full range of touchable/non-touchable digital signage

Wall-mounted, floor standing and bracket types
Slim frame design
Tempered glass, anti-collision, anti-dust
Horizontal or vertical advertisement display
Resolution: 1920*1280
Brightness: 350~450(indoor), 1000+(outdoor)
Silk printing of customer’s logos and designs
Tailor-made casing

Feature Highlights
  • Playing video, images, scrolling banner, real-time clock, weather, news events, stock information, etc. at the same time.
  • Arbitrary screen segmentation.
  • Background music playing capable.
  • Support portrait and landscape displays.
  • Kiosk: creating touch areas and editing multiple pages.
  • Unified management of all digital signage devices connected to the server: content updating, scheduling auto playing, designing screen layouts, real time status monitoring, etc.
  • Support multiple playlists.
Photo of demo